Privacy Policy

1. Data Collection

In addition to the data collected through a survey's questions, we collect your device, browser, OS, browser version, and referrer. Note that all questions are entirely optional, and we never link any identifiable information (such as email addresses) to your survey answers.

2. Email Collection

We may optionally collect your email to:

  1. Generate a magic log-in link, after which we discard your email and only keep a one-way hash in our user database.
  2. Contact you once survey results are available, as well as when we launch future editions of a survey and for infrequent announcements. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time, and your email is discarded from our records once it is sent to our email newsletter provider.
  3. Send you a recap list of features or tools you want to learn more about. We will discard your address once the email has been sent out through our transactional email provider.

When we do collect your email address, it is never linked to your responses for a survey, or to your user account.

3. Cookies

We set a log-in cookie, and our hosting provider (Render) may also sets its own cookie. We do not set any other cookie or use client-side analytics or ads.

4. Data Use

We process the data and then use it to publish reports. We also make the entire dataset publicly available.

5. Data/Account Deletion

You can email us at if you'd like us to delete all or part of your data.

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